Counselling for Veterans & Service Personnel

Life Does Exist After Service

Veterans and service personnel_slogan photoWilliam is an accredited DVA service provider for veterans and their families.  Along with being an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, an experienced counsellor and report writer for both the family and children’s court, William calls upon his years of service in the armed service to combine these skills to assist veterans and their families in need.


Counselling:-  William uses a mixture of different perspectives when counselling veterans.  He takes into account not just the individual veteran but also their environment and the circumstances surrounding the veteran.  This allows for a holistic approach to assisting the veteran in working through all the issues that they have including for example family/mental health/PTSD and structural issues.


William continues to advance his education and knowledge in the areas of PTSD, mental health and trauma for veterans past and present and their families, by attending conferences and continuing education.


William assists veterans and their families in regards to PTSD, negotiating Department of Veterans Affairs, and any health issues right through to working with veterans in their later years and assisting their families in negotiating aged care facilities or home therapy solutions, so that veterans can live out their remaining years peacefully.  Williams’ diversity in working with veterans extends from a veterans early years to their last years of life.


William works closely and liaises regularly with other health care professionals to offer a holistic service to assist veterans past and present.


All the above therapies and processes can be accessed by either phoning us direct, via your GP/Psychiatrist/Psychologist and through your lawyer.

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